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Never been in the ocean? Don't worry! I work with new divers, and clients of all ages. I've taken individuals in private lessons and large groups of 12-15 in a larger courses, and also helped certify couples in SCUBA before they left for their honeymoons. Let me help you prepare to enjoy an adventure like none other.

Have you though about having a personal diving consultant? I can guide you through the whole scuba diving process, not just learning scuba, but also learning about gear selection and scuba travel. Don't want to hassle with sales in a shop? I can be your interface to that process as well. I'll order gear for you or help you do it.


We're outfitted to help you make a splash.

tom carlson

Tom is the founder of Magic Island Scuba and the lead instructor for any recreational scuba course you might want and can take you up into the world of Tec Diving

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I’m an active diver that gets most of my bottom time in the beautiful waters of Puget Sound. Occasionally I take dive trips to those warm and clear waters of Cozumel, Florida or Hawaii but since I live in the Pacific Northwest, that’s where most of my diving takes place.

 I love teaching people how to scuba dive. It is such a great feeling to introduce someone to the underwater world, a place that you can never really experience until you become a diver! 

I am certified to teach through the Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI), National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) and Scuba Diving International (SDI) and Technical Diving International (TDI). I teach both recreational scuba diving and more challenging technical diving.

​Most of my classes these days are private, just one to four people. That way students get my full attention and we have more fun!

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